BDD and mobile testing: a happy marriage

When it comes to automated mobile testing, we see two big challenges in practice. The first challenge is setting up a useful automation framework and the second are the high demands by CI/CD projects. In this presentation I’ll share how I solved these challenges in practice using BDD, Cucumber and Appium. Both the concept of the solution and a live demo of the solution will be shown. In the demo I’ll show the mobile test framework I used to test a mobile app (Flitsmeister). First, I will briefly introduce the concept of BDD using the metaphor of the Rosetta stone. Business, developers and testers can finally understand each other using a shared formulation technique that uses plain language, and can be used to describe requirements, build software and automate testing. Then this concept is linked to the testing of mobile apps. I will show how BDD, Cucumber and Appium will benefit mobile CI/CD projects in a live demo testing a mobile app (Flitsmeister). I will show:



Automation Framework Essentials

Automation is critical in today’s software delivery lifecycle and yet many organizations struggle to keep their automation running. So how can we mitigate this? How can we get consistent automation runs and results we can trust? The secret is to implement a solid automation framework, but that isn’t as easy as it seems. Chris has built several automation frameworks over his 20+ year career and has learned what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. This tutorial will cover what an automation framework is, the benefits of having one, the keys to having a successful one and will include Chris sharing examples of his current and past automation frameworks. Key elements such as reliability, repeatability and maintainability, and how to make them part of your framework will also be covered. Learn how a solid investment in your automation can pay off immensely. Come away with ideas and a plan to start your very own automation framework or to improve your existing one! Ch


This is the programme of Test Automation Days 2019!

We proudly announce the complete 2-day programme of the Test Automation Days 2019! This year we will discuss the future of Test Automation in a continuous world. In a world where everything needs to be continuous, has Test Automation also evolved into a continuous process: delivering software, testing, learning, creating value, etc.? How do you adjust to a continuous world? How do you keep up and deal with continuous change relative to Test Automation? Or do you think that “continuous” is nothing more than hype to put extra pressure on everything we do? DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAMME FLYER  Day 1 – June 19th An intensive day consisting of half-day workshops, where tools, technologies and innovative practices flourish! Choose 2 exclusive 3 hours masterclasses from our programme:


Will Robots Replace Testers?

Will tools and automation continue to support testing or will robots replace testers in the future? This talk sets the scene and perhaps a direction for the future of tools and automation in testing. Right now, the software world is going “bot mad”. It looks like many jobs in the next ten to twenty years will be done by bots and those jobs will effectively disappear as career choices. Inevitably, there has been some talk of testers being replaced by bots and tools. The common response to date has been to say, “Impossible!” But I’m not sure such a kneejerk reaction is sensible. Futurists might suggest the destination is intelligent robot testers. I’m not sure that is where we are heading. The next steps we take will not require sophisticated AI or Deep Learning. But the next generation of testing tools will force a change of thinking and culture. Our goals with tools will change too and we may then have a clearer view of where we are heading. Tools that use ML may then be


Reminder call for presentations

Ard Kramer, Chair of the Programme Committee: We like to receive your stories about how you're continuous learning to work with new tools; What do you learn from the continuous feedback you receive; How do you deliver value continuously, solve your problems continuously, by improving yourself continuously.As you might have noticed, our theme for this year is how all those continuous changes impact Test Automation. From multiple points of view: for example not only by sharing successes but also insightful failures. We offer various formats in how to present your story: a talk, a masterclass, a workshop or maybe you have an suggestions of your own?
We are looking for a diversity of spea