Software Ontwikkeling

Software Ontwikkeling

Reminder call for presentations

Ard Kramer, Chair of the Programme Committee: We like to receive your stories about how you're continuous learning to work with new tools; What do you learn from the continuous feedback you receive; How do you deliver value continuously, solve your problems continuously, by improving yourself continuously.As you might have noticed, our theme for this year is how all those continuous changes impact Test Automation. From multiple points of view: for example not only by sharing successes but also insightful failures. We offer various formats in how to present your story: a talk, a masterclass, a workshop or maybe you have an suggestions of your own?
We are looking for a diversity of spea


Hero’s Journey to Perfect System Tests – Eight Assessment Criteria for Tests’ Architecture Design

What is the quest of every QA Hero? It is to find the golden recipe for the perfect system tests’ design- describing how to achieve [...]